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05/10/2020 News

Meet the diverse group of engineers and researches working at Total Research Center Qatar (TRC-Q), who drive innovation through what they do

TRCQ, More than a Decade of Excellence and Innovation


Founded in 2009, Total Research Center - Qatar (TRC-Q), focuses on technical challenges in Qatar and the region. In 2019, TRC-Q celebrated 10 years of Innovation and Research owing to the fruitful collaboration and partnerships established with key stakeholders. Our commitment to sharing expertise is fueled by our aim to develop homegrown solutions and support Qatar's vision of developing a knowledge-based economy.

TRC-Q has established programs in the field of Acid Stimulation, Organic Geochemistry, Sustainable Development, such as; solar energy, biomonitoring of sea water (valvometry), restoration of marine habitats (corals reefs), biodiversity, CCUS and Gas conversion.

TRC-Q also acts as a bridge between industry and academia to bring innovative solutions to our operations, and hosts R&D projects that belong to other branches of Total Group, Refining & Chemicals (RC), as well as Gas, Renewables, and Power (GRP).