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04/10/2020 News

Qatar Museums Finalizes Agreement with Total E&P Qatar to Sponsor ‘Energy Playground’

In conjunction with the reopening of the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) on 1 October, Qatar Museums has finalized the agreement with Total E&P, one of the top integrated multi energies companies in Qatar, to sponsor the Energy Playground, which will open at NMoQ at a later stage. 

Ahmad Musa Al-Namla, CEO of Qatar Museums, and Laurent Wolffsheim, Total Qatar Country Chair, signed the agreement during an online ceremony. 

NMoQ’s Energy Playground, one of three spread across the museum’s gardens, will provide a unique experience for families to learn more about energy and the history of Qatar’s oil exploration.

The playground will be designed for families to engage in intergenerational kinetic play activities; from the extraction of crude oil and natural gas, through to their processing and even the by-products that in turn, benefit today’s societies. The playground will be entered from various pathways – enabling a “choose your own adventure” industrialised experience and will ultimately expose visitors to the future of renewable and non-renewable energy.

Commenting on the successful collaboration, Al-Namla said: “Following on from the announcement of TOTAL as the official sponsor of NMoQ’s Energy Playground late last year, it gives us great pleasure to finalize the agreement. Qatar’s energy sector has played an integral role in the country’s development, and this growth has been supported by a longstanding partnership with Total and France, which is celebrated this year through the Qatar-France Year of Culture.

“We look forward to welcoming back families and the wider community to NMoQ to explore the playgrounds we opened earlier this year and our extensive permanent collections and exhibitions. In 2022, the Energy Playground will be an exciting space for families to learn more about the fascinating history of Qatar’s oil exploration in an immersive and fun setting.”

The narrative of energy industries like oil is an ongoing theme explored across galleries at NMOQ, which highlight topics such as the discovery of oil, negotiations and correspondence, the rapid modernisation the country witnessed due to the oil industry, as well as the impact it has had on socio-cultural development.

Laurent Wolffsheim, Managing Director of Total E&P Golfe and Country Chair, said:

“Our presence of over 80 years in Qatar is reinforced through the Energy Playground, a place where families can come together to cherish and embrace the vivid past and bright future of energy in Qatar. We are proud to celebrate this rich culture though the fun, interactive and educational aspect this playground will offer.

This reflects a joint vision for youth inclusion and education which is aligned with the ambition and values of both the State of Qatar and Total.”

NMoQ’s immersive playgrounds promote intergenerational play activities while also encouraging visitors to explore the museum’s vast collection and permanent galleries as well as Qatar’s natural and cultural offerings. 

The ‘Energy Playground’ opening date in 2022 will be announced in due course.

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