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18/05/2024 News

TotalEnergies Chairman & CEO Interview during Qatar Economic Forum

On the occasion of his participation in Qatar Economic Forum, Patrick Pouyanne sat down for an interview with Saudi Arabia’s Asharq news, to answer questions on Expectations for energy transition, TotalEnergies investment and multi-energy projects in the Gulf regions, LNG price mechanisms, the Iraq GGIP project, gas in the Mediterranean and energy security in Europe.

..The world transition has to be a reality, and it's a matter of pace, in fact. But you know, population is growing. That's the fundamental. Higher living standard expectation for many people. …

…You need more energy. The energy today is with fossil fuel and we need to transition it. But we must put both. We must secure energy for the whole population. So continuing to invest is what is our energy today, and at the same time investing more and more and more in decarbonized energy. That's the dual challenge, but it's 'and', it's not 'or'. I know people who wants to get out of fossil fuel, but that will take time. It does not mean that we should renounce. We must be positive about it. We must invest. It's a lot of opportunity, like in the region, by the way, in this region, you do both….

- Patrick Pouyanne, Chairman and CEO, TotalEnergies

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    Patrick Pouyanne Interview with Asharq News


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