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15/10/2022 News

TotalEnergies EP Qatar HSE Contractor Forum: “Together, Committed to Building a Safe and Sustainable Culture”

Around 60 attendees from TotalEnergies and key contracting companies with top management engagement shared discussions, thoughts, and insights during its annual ‘HSE Contractor’s Forum’ held under the theme “Integrating Human and Organizational factors”. The annual forum promotes informative exchanges in order to reinforce TotalEnergies’ compliance, safety, and sustainability best practices through open discussions.

Contractors Crucial to Safety Performance

“On Al Khalij, contractors represent a significant part of our workforce and are therefore integral to the Company’s safety performance. The HSE Contractors Forum was an occasion to exchange views and best practices around safety and sustainability with a specific focus on Human Behavior”, said Matthieu Bouyer, Country Chair and Managing Director TotalEnergies EP Qatar during his keynote address at the event.

The company has recently introduced new programs to existing campaigns that drive safe and sustainable operations such as Zero-Fatality, reshaped Golden Rules, and Carbon Footprint Reduction roadmap. In addition to its aim of zero fatality in the exercise of its activities, TotalEnergies has set itself the target of continuously reducing the TRIR indicator for all personnel of the Company and its contractors.

Matthieu Bouyer thanked all the contractors who have contributed to and continuously demonstrated their strong commitment towards TotalEnergies’ safety culture. He also commented the high level of Safety on the Al-Khalij asset mentioning that the team has just celebrated 5 years without any lost time injury.

More Communication and Participation

TotalEnergies reiterated its efforts to promote more communication and called on effective participation by everyone working for or on behalf of TotalEnergies. By enforcing a “no-blame” culture, the Company has given the responsibility to all Contractors to speak up. “The importance of a supportive management is crucial in creating a positive work and safety culture, and   we are therefore setting the tone for how employees and contractors interact with each other” said Matthieu Bouyer.

The session welcomed expert speaker Raphael Waxin in charge of Human and Organizational factors and Safety Culture from TotalEnergies Head Quarters in France. He conducted a workshop highlighting human and organizational factors and their influence in behavior in various work situations.

In his closing remarks, Matthieu Bouyer noted “Our motto is to establish a proper health, safety, environment and sustainability culture, that goes far beyond the existing set of rules. A sustainable operation is before everything a safe operation, and while it is encouraging to see a good partnership between TotalEnergies and its contractors on the commitment to safety, we must continue all our efforts to fully embark everyone on the path to an all-encompassing HSE culture”.