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23/08/2022 News

TotalEnergies Marketing committed to expand its reach in the Qatar’s aftermarket segment: Waheed

TotalEnergies Marketing Qatar (TEMQ), which has a prominent market share for lubricants in Qatar, has embarked on several initiatives to further strengthen and consolidate its position in the local market.

The lubricants and specialty chemicals branch of global energy giant TotalEnergies has put special focus on developing business within the automotive sector to grow in Qatar.

In an exclusive interview with Qatar Tribune, TEMQ General Manager Zubair Waheed said, “TotalEnergies Marketing operates directly in Qatar as a Lubricants and specialty chemicals company, meaning we have the infrastructure and resources available to serve our customers quicker and comprehensively”

According to Zubair, Qatar’s automotive sector, is coming out of COVID-19 phase. “Our focus is to grow our presence in aftermarket, which is an integral part of our business, and to invest more into this segment. We are very happy that the relationship we have built with our partners and customers has been strengthened, and is now showing great results

He said: “We see a lot of development happening in the passenger cars and with technology itself evolving to target lower emission. The requirements from major carmakers are getting more stringent on the use of correct lubricant grades and specifications, hence we see more and more requirement of synthetic lubricant for grades like 5W30, 10W40, 5W40 etc.”

He also added:TotalEnergies supplies lubricants to many  segments in Qatar that require Automotive, Industrial, Marine and Specialty fluids. Because we have a direct presence here, we are able to add substantial value to support the needs for some of the key customers using our lubricants for their day-to-day operations. Also we’d like to utilize our TCO approach (Total Cost of Ownership) using the highest quality lubricants and expert solutions to sustain long term savings and increase equipment value for our customers. This also includes support and investments in arrangement of workshop equipment as well as condition monitoring of the machines. Our long-term plan is to grow in the Qatar market and reach out to as many customers as we can”

While TEMQ is expanding its existing lubricants business in the country, Waheed said, “the energy major is also looking for opportunities in projects related to the electric vehicle market in Qatar along with its teams and partners