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28/05/2023 News

TotalEnergies Qatar Champions Safety during World Day for Safety Event

TotalEnergies Qatar recently held a successful World Day for Safety event at three of its sites to promote safety across its operations.

The event took place across Halul Island, the Emerald Driller Rig at DP4 platform of the Al Khalij Field, and TotalEnergies Research Center-Qatar, and was attended by more than 300 employees and contractors. The celebration focused on the theme of controlling technological risks in industrial activities, which play a central role to achieve TotalEnergies’ objective: to protect people, the environment, and assets during its operations.

TotalEnergies Qatar emphasized its continuous commitment to safety, which is demonstrated through its safety record of more than five and a half consecutive years without any Lost Time Injury (LTI). This achievement is a testament to TotalEnergies' primary focus on safety and risk management, as well as the commitment of its employees and contractors to implement the best safety standards and practices in their day-to-day activities.   

During his opening speech at the Al-Khalij facilities on Halul Island, Matthieu Bouyer, TotalEnergies Country Chair in Qatar, and Managing Director TotalEnergies EP Qatar said

“ Safety is our core value. It is implemented daily by our employees and contractors with a shared goal of achieving Zero accident. Safety is not only about following occupational safety rules, but also about controlling all risks related to operations and processes to prevent accidents that could impact people, the environment, and assets. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that we operate safely and responsibly. Whether you're an operator working on an offshore rig or an engineer designing new technologies, it should always be at the forefront of your mind, that’s about culture. So, let's celebrate World Day for Safety by re-dedicating ourselves to the cause of safety and ensuring that we all do our part to keep ourselves and our colleagues safe.”.

During the event, TotalEnergies Qatar also highlighted achievements at the Al Khalij field which is jointly owned by TotalEnergies and QatarEnergy and is operated by TotalEnergies.

Among other achievements, Bouyer congratulated teams onshore in Doha, and offshore on Al-Khalij for successfully completing a 5-day full field shutdown in April of this year, involving all 8 offshore platforms in Al-Khalij field, with more than 200 activities achieved without any incident, demonstrating TotalEnergies' ability to conduct its complex operations safely and efficiently.

“ These achievements are a testament to TotalEnergies' ongoing commitment to safety and risk management, and its dedication to operating responsibly in all of its activities”, Bouyer concluded.

TotalEnergies Qatar also took the opportunity to commemorate the Safety Persons of the Year for each of its sites as part of its staff recognition program, awarding employees and contractors who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to safety.

  • TotalEnergies Qatar staff and contractors at Halul Island

  • TotalEnergies Qatar staff and contractors at TotalEnergies Research Center-Qatar

  • Staff and Contractors at Emerald Driller Rig

  • Staff and Contractors at Halul Island

  • Safety Persons of the Year awarded at TotalEnergies Qatar’s different sites