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Abdulla, Committed To Finding Better Solutions

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Abdulla, who currently heads the Government Liaison and Employee Relations department, is a dedicated team player and has earned the trust of employees through his commitment. He follows an open door policy in his office, where colleagues are always welcome to indulge in Arabic hospitality and to share their concerns.

Total, from the very beginning

“My decision to join Total came during my last year of pursuing my Chemical Engineering degree in Qatar University. I was scouted by Total’s representatives, and was given the opportunity to study Master in reservoir and geosciences engineering in France. Following the completion of my degree in Paris, I returned to work in Total Qatar in the reservoir engineering department.”

My Professional growth

‘As I had the advantage of working in both technical and non-technical fields, it was the diversity of jobs that I really enjoyed. Being an avid campaigner of social issues, I was offered a job in Public Relations (PR) which I accepted. This area taught me how to be a more social person, and it is an important skill which can help you grow and build relations easily. I was in charge of events, conferences, career fairs, building relations etc.

I then moved to Human Resources and Administration, then Administration and Government Liaison, and now Government Liaison and Employee Relations. This has brought me closer to employees, looking after their welfare and benefits, forming better policies and working a lot with the government. We have offices everywhere – in banks, medical commissions, traffic departments etc, as we are always working from there.

I am also the RSES (Responsible for Safety and Environment on Site) of our current work location which is a heavy responsibility’.

What I value most working here

‘Working in a diverse environment made up of 42 different nationalities has taught me how to be more culturally sensitive and respectful. We have over 25 employees in our division, and despite the differences, we manage to work well as one unified unit, and we have become more understanding of each other.

My most important lesson learnt is to not to be a part of the problem, but to be a part of the solution. Being positive and readily available to help your colleagues can make you an important team player’. 

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“Life-changing opportunities come very rarely, so you can either take advantage of it, or lose it….The choice is completely yours”



2015 - Present

Head of Government Liaison & Employee Relations- Total E&P Qatar



Head of Administration & Government Liaison- Total E&P Qatar



Recruitment and Administration Officer- Total E&P Qatar



Senior Public Relations Officer - Total E&P Qatar



Reservoir Engineer - Total E&P Qatar



Master in Reservoir and Geosciences Engineering – IFP School