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Creating a Career Path for Qatari Nationals

Our Qatarization approach is not limited to recruiting talented Qatari employees, but we are also committed to developing our existing employees. Our aim is to offer a stimulating and competitive working environment at TotalEnergies, where employees can gain a true development experience in a diverse workplace.

In order to ensure that employees acquire management and technical skills, TotalEnergies has designed a set of career management tools which benefits Qatari employees, which in future prepares them for possible higher responsibilities.

This also enables them to quickly develop a high level of competency in terms of technical know-how and managerial capacity.

Professionalization Path

TotalEnergies’s Professionalization Path is a six-year program focusing on young professionals, including Qatari employees who have less than five years experience. It is a combination of job positions as well as technical and soft skills training trainings to enhance their competency and capacity to manage certain professional situations.

The program prepares employees to hold broader and more complex positions in the future.


Work Integration & Development                     

At TotalEnergies, we believe that integration of Qatari employees in an international environment will help them to acquire a global set of skills and experience.

As part of their development plan, some employees are identified for international assignment, which will become a positive learning experience in TotalEnergies worldwide.

Our career management focuses on listening to employees as we believe the are main players when it come to their career.