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Explore and Produce

As we look at the global the demand for energy which is continuously rising, our main aim at TotalEnergies is to build a responsible energy future, ensuring that each individual has access to safe and clean energy in the most efficient way possible.  In this way are indeed committed to better energy.

A long presence and a forged history

Having been present in Qatar for over 86 years, TotalEnergies is an active player in the Exploration & Production field. 

This long history was possible because of the support of all our partners as QatarEnergy, Qatargas, Dolphin Energy, our stakeholders, Qatar’s citizens and residents. Qatar has one of the highest growth rates in the world, which has given us opportunities to create and support ambitious projects, and this has enabled us to fulfill the commitment that TotalEnergies has made to the society.

Operational excellence

TotalEnergies is the operator and shareholder of AlKhalij offshore oilfield, located on Block 6 in Halul. which was discovered in 1991. Production from this geologically complex oilfield started in 1997, and today around 22,000 barrels of oil per day are sent via two subsea pipelines to a treatment facility located on Halul Island. In November 2015, a milestone 200 million barrels of oil produced from this field was achieved.

Al-Khalij Field 

In 2016, TotalEnergies won a bid for Qatar’s Al-Shaheen offshore oilfield, with a production capacity of 300,000 barrels per day. North Oil Company (NOC), which was established as a partnership between TotalEnergies (30%) and QatarEnergy (70%), took over the operatorship of the giant oil field for a period of 25 years beginning July 14, 2017. The field produces 300 thousand barrels of oil per day.

Al Shaheen Field operated by North Oil Company 

Key partnerships pioneering Gas supplies

TotalEnergies is a founding partner of Qatargas, the world’s largest LNG producer, which was established in 1984.

Qatargas supplies LNG to consumers in Asia, Europe and Americas. TotalEnergies owns interest in the upstream component of Qatargas 1 gas liquefaction plant. The yearly global LNG output is just below 10 million tons from Qatargas 1.


As a founding member and leading partner of Dolphin Energy, today has played an active role in establishing the Gulf’s first and largest gas grid, linking several countries in the GCC. Starting 2007, Dolphin Energy has been supplying the UAE and Oman with natural gas produced in Qatar, providing for the sale of 2 billion cubic feet per day of dry gas from the North field for a 25-year period. The gas from the North Field is processed in Ras Laffan Industrial City and then exported to the UAE through a 360km subsea pipeline.

Dolphin Energy

Innovation and Technology

Innovation and sustainability are one of the driving forces of TotalEnergies.

We aim to not only develop new technologies, but to also produce innovations related to regional challenges, and to share them with our Qatari partners. In TotalEnergies Research Center Qatar (TRC-Q), we are very proud to have leading edge and innovative research projects which mark our support to a more knowledge based economy.

Established in 2009, TRC-Q is one of the 7 worldwide Research and Development Centers of TotalEnergies E&P. TRC-Q’s research projects are in Qatar and the Middle East, especially in carbonate reservoirs as the vast majority of Qatar’s currently producing oil and gas reservoirs are carbonates.

It is a state of the art facility containing one laboratory involved in analytical organic geochemistry and another involved in acid stimulation of wells to improve production. In 2015 alone two new patents related to carbonates were filed, on Geochemistry and Acid stimulation.


Supplying responsible energy

One of TotalEnergies’s key projects in Al Khalij field, the Produced Water Treatment – Crude Oil Desalination (PWTCOD), was established to improve the components of both crude oil and produced water, and has involved modification of the existing equipments used in the Halul treatment plant and the installation of new equipments to the plant.

In support one of the biggest environmental Investments, Qatargas Jetty Boil-off Gas Recovery (JBOG) Project in Ras Laffan represents a significant milestone in Qatar’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions from its liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry.

The project will result in a 90% reduction in current flaring at Ras Laffan LNG loading berths, equivalent to  annual greenhouse gas (GHG) savings of 1.6mn tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is the same amount of annual GHG emissions of 175,000 vehicles. It will provide savings of 29bn standard cubic feet (bscf) per year flaring reduction, which is enough gas to produce 750MW to power 300,000 homes.