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18/12/2014 Press release

Qatar National Week celebrations concluded

Total ended its Qatar National Week celebrations on 18th December 2014, which was started on 14th December 2014. The week featured a variety of Qatar-themed events to promote the national spirit among everyone in the company.

Qatar employees of Total organized the celebrations, and transformed the office canteen and halls of the company into a Majlis, an Arabic style sitting room. All employees were invited to experience Qatari hospitality in the Majlis, while indulging in Reyooq, a Qatari breakfast, and a Qatari lunch.

“As a Qatari, it gives me great pleasure to share my culture with my expatriate colleagues, and Qatar National Day gives us a great platform to do so. It was an opportunity to highlight Qatar’s rich heritage, and understanding of our history, customs, and why we do things a certain way, and this in turn promotes a greater appreciation of our culture.”, said Wafaa Al-Saffar, an employee of Total E&P Qatar.

The week commenced with ‘Karak and Swalif’, where questions relating to Qatar’s traditions were answered over a cup of Karak, a spiced tea.

Employees’ kids were invited to participate in a drawing competition, where they were encouraged to soar their imagination under the theme ‘My Qatar’.

‘My National Day Photo Competition’, suited for adult participants was also launched, calling upon them to capture the essence of Qatar and the spirit of National Day celebrations.

Finally, in a bid to portray employees’ creativity, they decorated their offices with the National Day theme. The best decoration will be entitled to a special prize, and will be passed on the trophy from last year’s winner.

“I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to all the citizens and residents of Qatar for the National Day, and I would like to wish you continued strength, happiness and prosperity. I would also like to congratulate the organizers of our Qatar National week celebrations, for their successful efforts in promoting a sense of unity among both Qataris and Non-Qataris through events  which also honour the rich traditions of Qatar”, said  Guillaume Chalmin, Managing Director of Total E&P Qatar and Group Representative.