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01/06/2015 Press release

Total honors exceptional employees for commitment to safety

Total’s World Safety Day commemoration which was launched on April 28, 2015, was successfully ended this week.

During the event, multiple activities were organized  for employees and contractors of the French Company in their Alfardan Tower offices, the Total Research Centre Qatar (TRCQ) in Qatar Science Technology Park, Total’s Warehouse,  its production site on Halul Island and the Rig located in the offshore Al Khalij field, as a reminder to all to be vigilant and behave in a responsible and exemplary way.

The commemoration was synchronized to reinforce Total’s commitment to safety, with a focus on the 12 Golden Rules. ‘Golden Rules’ are a part of the safety culture program implemented by the company worldwide, which, when implemented diligently significantly reduces the risk of incidents.          

Employees of the company took part in presentations and open discussions, and gave their feedback on anomalies and best practices. Total also introduced a team building program ‘Hunting Anomalies’ which is an interactive 3D game calling on employees to form teams and to hunt anomalies in an industrial environment. This aims to raise awareness of employees on finding an anomaly or a risky situation.

An award ceremony was also organized  to honour  six employees who were exceptional in their attitude, commitment and contribution to Health, Safety and Environment best practices.

 Guillaume Chalmin, Managing Director of Total E&P Qatar and Group Representative who gave the opening speech said: “Safety, has always been a core value for us and is embedded in our DNA. Our success as individuals and as a company strongly depends on how safety conscious we are. We need to have a positive attitude, and our behavior must be a reflection of our vigilance and commitment to our safety and of those around us. It is the duty of each employee to speak up if he or she sees something that is unsafe”.