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15/02/2015 Press release

Total participates in MEALF (Middle East Artificial Lift Forum)

Total is proud to have supported the two-day MEALF forum (Middle East Artificial Lift Forum), which was concluded on 5th February 2015. As a silver sponsor of the conference and exhibition, Total co-chaired a technical session, delivered four technical presentations and participated in a panel session.

Total was eager to share its expertise and innovation on ESP (Electric Submersible Pumps), which are multistage centrifugal pumps designed to effectively handle production rates from 1,500 to 36,000 bbl/d with boost pressures of up to 3,500 psi. The French company also discussed and collaborated with other participants on pressing challenges facing the petroleum industry’s future needs, using artificial lift techniques.

Pierre Leschi, Vice President Al Khalij Asset and Vice President Operations at Total E&P Qatar, was chosen to chair a session on Artificial Lift Challenges.

Employees of Total also conducted a presentation of Al Khalij Dual ESP experience, for which Bjorn Viguerie, the speaker, received the MEALF 2015 best speaker award. This was followed by another presentation made by Said El Azabi on ‘Gas Handling Challenges in Oil Wells.' Pierre Lemetayer, a specialist on ESP from Total’s Headquarters in Paris delivered two papers on ‘Improving Recovery factor in complex reservoirs’ and on ‘Achieving Long ESP Life-Time in Challenging Reservoirs.' Many other employees of Total participated as attendees of the various other sessions and exhibition.

Following the success of this forum as a great engagement tool for fruitful discussions, Guillaume Chalmin, Managing Director at Total E&P Qatar and Group Representative congratulated the organizers saying: “It was great to see the diversity of delegates: students, professionals and experts in the oil and gas industry coming together in dialogue to promote innovation and cooperation."

Pierre Leschi added: “We are thrilled to have had this opportunity to share our experience in this field and at the same time learn from pioneers on how we can work together to address our industry’s most serious challenges, and move forward."