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16/08/2015 Press release

Total partners with Aspire for Health challenge

'Employees and Contractors greatly benefit from initiative as way to get fit and stay healthy'.

After a successful partnership with Aspetar, Total launched the ‘Step into Health Program’ as part of its dynamic healthy lifestyle initiative. The successful program engaged more than 130 employees to walk an average amount of 10,000 steps per day. Total’s employees were able to reach a milestone of almost 100,000 collective steps walked by an average of 35 participants over a course of one month.

Pedometers were distributed to participants by ASPETAR allowing them to track their progress in their physical activities. Engaged employees were able to log in their profiles created by ASPETAR to monitor their daily food intake and also benefit from various of nutrition related features.. The challenge was an extension of Total Cup, Total’s annual sports competition, where employees their families compete in individual and team sports events. Lasting a full month, employees were able to compete individually as well as in teams, representative of Total’s official colors (Blue, Navy, Orange and Red).

An award ceremony was held at the end of the challenge, which was attended by officials from Aspetar. The winners were Joy Pereira, Pascal Delille and Madusoodanan Parambath according to ASPETAR’s random choice system, and they were recognized for their achievements. Other participants were also congratulated for taking part in the challenge.

Following introductory speeches by Total’s organizers and Aspire’s representatives, employees shared their success stories on how this challenge has helped to change their habits and lives. “I was advised from the very beginning to walk as much as I can, and my pedometer was indeed my motivation to not take shortcuts in getting fit. I  have lost  many kilos in 4 weeks which has given me an amazing transformation. It has greatly helped with my health problems, and as I am now highly motivated, I just walk everywhere” said Ronald, an employee at Total.

Mohamed Basser, HSE Manager at Total said “We have made a commitment to move towards healthy lifestyle, and we are trying to inspire our colleagues to do the same in a fun way. Due to employees expressing lack of energy for full physical exercises after work, we encouraged them to make small changes in the workplace, whether it be using the stairs instead of the elevator, or taking a longer route to the office printer. One way or other, employees were more active than before, and It was interesting to see the results as participants naturally progressed in the final weeks and almost all were about the minimum recommend 10,000 steps per day”.

Abdulla Al-Mohannadi, Aspetar’s Senior Health promotion officer mentioned during his speech: “I would like to thank Total for their sincere participation in the Step into health challenge. By this, they have set a good example for promoting a healthy workplace which I believe will encourage other organizations to do the same”. He continued “Sitting daily for a long time in the office leads to chronic disease, therefore it is very important to be active and maintain the minimum number of walking steps, if not increasing it”.

The program is still ongoing for participants who feel encouraged to carry out more physical activity. An inter-company competition organized by Aspetar will resume in September, where Total employees will be competing as a close unit.