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15/07/2015 Press release

Total spreads cheers to kids in pre-Eid celebrations

In an effort to give back to the community during the holy month of Ramadan, Total organized a pre-Eid celebration for children in Hamad Hospital. “As most of the children are not able to go out and celebrate with other children, we felt it was important that we go to them and bring the celebration”, said Fatima Al-Sharshani an organizer of the event”.

Partnering with Hamad Medical Corporation, volunteers from Total transformed the hospital hall with vibrant colors and arts, while bringing in music, traditional sweets, gifts and other goodies. For this occasion, mascots were also brought in and passed through the rooms in a story-telling adventure.

Eid is a holiday where everyone spends with families and members of the community, and it also brings children together from all over the country. As it is a very important part of our tradition, we are happy to have had the opportunity to highlight our culture, and to share it with children and their families alike”, said Abdulla Mohsen, who was also a part of the organizing committee.

In addition to Qatari employees, expatriates working at Total were also invited to the celebrations, and were engulfed in the spirit of Eid. Christophe Eon, who volunteered in the event commented “This is my first Eid celebration in the region, and I have come to appreciate the different festivities which represent the beauty and richness of Qatari culture, while learning more about the significance and history of the festival. Also I would like to thank HMC for their cooperation and support”.

Mr. Ali Abdulla Al Khater, HMC's Executive Director of Corporate Communications said, "We were very happy to collaborate with Total to bring the spirit of Eid to children at Hamad General Hospital. We would like to thank the organizers for their kind donation of gifts and for arranging fun activities for the children. This raised the spirits of our young patients and brought a smile to their faces”.