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02/08/2015 Press release

Total’s Teams Stand Out in Annual Sports Challenge

The games stand for fairness, integrity, responsibility and respect, thus building trust and respect in the workplace”, says Guillaume Chalmin, Managing Director.
For the eighth time in a row, Total employees and their families competed in several months of individual and team sports events, as part of the annual ‘Total Cup’ tournament. More than 300 participants were divided into 4 different teams for healthy competitions, which recently concluded with a win by the ‘Red team’ who finished with a total of 41 points.
Other participating teams where the runner up team Blue, as well as Navy and Orange. The four teams are representative of Total’s official colors.
The competitions started with Total Olympics during Qatar National Sports Day as an initiative to promote physical health and healthy competitive spirit. It promotes the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle through sporting activities, as well as a great tool for unity in common competition. Other activities included in the tournament are Tennis, held during Qatar Total Open, Football, Bowling, Badminton, Table Tennis and Basket ball.
During the victory ceremony, the Red team was awarded the championship trophy, which was passed on from last year’s Blue team. The individual winners of each of the 7 competitions were also awarded medals and trophies. To promote a spirit of fair competition, several employees were awarded for their commitment to fair play and their helping hand.

“Sport plays an important role in the social development of our employees and their families, as we see so many employees and families working as a common unit, regardless of their differences. This has been very successful in the integration of our present and new-coming employees”, said Christophe Eon, Vice President, HR, Communications & CSR, who is a part of the Total Cup organizing division.

Guillaume Chalmin, Managing Director of Total E&P Qatar and Group Representative added: “It has been a true pleasure to see the sportsmanship and competitive spirit of men, women and children enjoying the Total Cup competition over the last few months. The games stand for fairness, integrity, responsibility and respect. It thus helps build a community of respect and trust between participants which has very positive effects in the workplace. The end result is not to win, but to work together and give it our all”. 

The excitement of the competitions still continues, as Total has partnered with Aspetar for ‘Step into Health’ program challenging participants to walk a minimum number of steps, which is then added to the team’s total scores.