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Ship and Market

Specializing in lubricants and special fluids, TotalEnergies Marketing Qatar has a prominent market share for lubricants in the Qatari Market.

We cater to the needs of major automotive, construction, industrial and marine customers in Qatar by offering premium, reliable, innovative lubricants and services ranging from engine oils, transmission, hydraulics, coolant, brake fluid, grease etc.  

We strive to meet current demands, to anticipate future needs and to continue delivering that growth. Total’s major brand values are solid partnerships, commitment, enhanced customer value proposition, and innovative lubricant technology.

Gaining efficiency through Innovation

Total’s high investment in technological innovations aims to improve engine performance through research and development.

Our oil and lubricants provide customers with high performance, long engine life, cost effective fuel consumption (in some cases up to 3.3% reduction in fuel consumption against ACEA requirements), low carbon footprint and enhanced durability.

The quality of TotalEnergies products has been established through local field trials with premium products. This has displayed possibility of significantly extending drain intervals in many cases (up to 30,000 KM with some Heavy duty diesel engine oils).

Meeting expectations through Accessibility

TotalEnergies M&S Qatar has worked to develop close-knit partnerships with Nasser Bin Khalid & Sons group who are sole dealers of Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Audi & VW Domasco for Honda & Volvo, National Car Company for Mazda across the country to ensure that consumers have complete access to Total's products and efficiency solutions.

As of today, TotalEnergies has a 25% market share set up by two stand-alone TotalEnergies Rapid Oil Change and five TotalEnergies Quartz Pit Stop centers across Qatar to give consumers such access.

Strengthening presence through Partnership

In 2014, TotalEnergies launched a Road Safety awareness campaign in partnership with Qatar Traffic department – which targeted more than 14,000 young children aged five to eight in Qatar to teach them to follow traffic rules and be safe.

As part of this campaign we inaugurated our first traffic park at the Birla Public School campus in 2016.

This 'Traffic Park' was created to have a permanent facility in the school, while teaching road rules. The all purpose-built Traffic Park comes complete with miniature road system - traffic signals, zebra crossings, a roundabout even a pretend petrol station, supermarket and a police station. Children aged four to six navigate in fun pedal-cars and are trained on road signs, as well as dos and don'ts on roads.

This initiative educates students on what it takes to be a safe and responsible road user.

TotalEnergies M&S Qatar also offers its partners advanced technical training and a unique ANAC “Analysis Compared” service for oil analysis to its clients. ANAC is Total’s corporate used oil condition monitoring system, which based on its scientific interpretation of the analysis, assists in preventive and corrective maintenance of automotive as well as industrial machines.

Focusing on Health and Safety of our drivers

TotalEnergies Marketing Qatar runs an annual campaign to improve the health and safety of truck drivers on the road.

Every year, more than 390 drivers participate in the ‘Truck Driver Campaign’ which is a four-point initiative informing drivers, to be safe on the roads, they have to be medically fit, take adequate rest, observe speed limits, and ensure their vehicles are in good condition.

This medical camp is conducted for major customers, with significant number of road users at a leading medical center.