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TotalEnergies’s Long-Standing Commitment to Clean Energy

TotalEnergies is the founding partner of Qatargas in 1984, the world’s largest LNG producer, owning interests in Qatargas 1.

Being the largest LNG producing company in the world in terms of production capacity, Qatargas provides 42 million tonnes per annum.

LNG is one of the most popular forms of energy which boasts a number of advantages such as its clean combustion, flexibility and calorific value, thus driving its growth. TotalEnergies’s LNG production and sales worldwide has ranked us among the major global players in the LNG sector, accounting for 5% of global LNG production.

Establishing LNG in the Country.

QatarEnergy and its international shareholders have played a decisive role in establishing the country’s LNG industry. TotalEnergies is a shareholder in Qatargas 1 which was the first complex to produce natural gas from the offshore North Field for liquefaction and export. Qatargas 1 started up its first production in 1996 allowing the export of 6 million tons per year of LNG to Japan.

As of today, Qatargas 1 supplies about 1600 million standard cubic feet of raw natural gas per day, in addition to around 45,000 barrels of condensate a day.

Better and Cleaner Energy.

Natural gas is a versatile energy source with many applications in our daily lives which include residential, commercial and industrial sectors for purposes as diverse as heating, cooking, generating electricity and manufacturing a wide variety of products. Being the cleanest burning fossil fuel, it has the potential to reduce the harmful emissions generated by oil and coal. Abundant supplies of this gas will provide a secure and stable energy future while it can help address simultaneously a number of environmental concerns, such as greenhouse gas emissions.

Natural gas is highly efficient, given that about 90 percent of the natural gas produced is delivered to customers as useful energy.

With its production growing at a rate of close to 2% per year, natural gas is set to become the second-leading fossil energy by 2035 with the share of LNG expanding steadily.

Liquefaction & Easy Accessibility.

Transporting natural gas over long distances has also become both technically and economically feasible, thanks to the liquefaction of natural gas. The chartered fleet of Qatargas vessels has allowed easy access to markets such as Europe, notably UK and Asia, enabling Qatargas and TotalEnergies to remain close partners in meeting long-term energy needs.

LNG offers the flexibility that consumer nations need to manage their supply. Backed by TotalEnergies’s 50 years of experience in the LNG business, we will support the growth of this industry.


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